Metal braces

Metal braces (Colorful)

You may love just changing colorful elastic ties every month but do you know how your teeth were moving? Important things for whom on braces is not how many colors you can choose each month but it is how your doctor create your smile by moving your teeth in the proper ways to the right positions. Because that is how you will get a healthier and prettier smile at the end.


Orthodontists at Smile Operations

Dr.Vudhibhong Laoamata, Dr.Pimsiri Kanpittaya and Dr.Darin Pativetpinyo, certified orthodontists from The Dental Council and Thai Association of Orthodontists which were trained more than 10,000 hours at Chulalongkorn University, published thesis and studies on national and international scientific journals and verified by a registration examination to be legally qualified as an orthodontist. These all to assure you the quality of treatment.

As Smile Operations choose world-class

Best chef will cook perfectly with excellent ingredients, as SMILE by iSKY choose world-class appliances to deliver a great treatment results.