Smoother and Faster with DAMON.

Smile Operations choose DAMON for our treatment of choice as some types of malocclusion can be done with lower pain, shorter time and more worthwhile.


What is DAMON?

DAMON is a No.1 brand for self-ligating brackets. DAMON offer efficient treatment results supported by reliable studies. With self-ligating brackets, wire could be locked within bracket's window without binding from rubber ties as old model metal brackets then patient feel minimal pain and because no binding between wire and elastic ties, teeth can be moved faster with low friction, that's why treatment with DAMON can be done faster.

Who is a good candidate?

If you are the one who seek for a gentle tooth aligning, getting a great smile faster or having a complicated malocclusion, you are the one. Consultation with an expert to get a customized diagnosis and treatment planning

DAMON braces

       Braces with a self-ligating mechanic is not only for softer and smoother tooth movement but also reduce your appointments with the doctor with faster outcome. Smile Operations choose DAMON from ORMCO, No.1 brand for passive self-ligating brackets treated by board certified orthodontist to assure you the possibly best result.